Turkey Prep Set

Turkey Prep Set

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Prepare your turkey with confidence and style using our Turkey Prep Set. This four-piece set includes essential tools to make your turkey cooking experience a breeze. The set features a convenient pop-up turkey thermometer and a high-quality silicone turkey baster. Measuring at 9", the baster is engraved with a playful "Let's get stuffed" message, adding a touch of fun to your culinary endeavors.

Additionally, the set includes a durable wood and stainless serving fork, measuring 3 1/2" x 9", adorned with the phrase "Feast mode." To complete the package, we provide cooking twine, ensuring your turkey is securely trussed before it hits the oven. The set arrives elegantly wrapped together, making it an ideal gift for any aspiring home chef or Thanksgiving enthusiast.

  • Includes a pop-up turkey thermometer and a silicone turkey baster.
  • Features a wood and stainless serving fork measuring 3 1/2" x 9" with the phrase "Feast mode".
  • Comes with cooking twine for secure trussing and arrives elegantly wrapped for gifting.