Swan Creek I Drizzle Melts


DRIZZLE MELTS are made from 100% American soybean wax. Sure to delight your senses, the Drizzle MeltsTM are triple scented.

Citrus Grove: Vibrant nuances of Tangerine, Mandarin & Cassis shine on top. Traces of Red Currants, Guava and Lemon Flower sweep throughout. Bottom notes of green Ivy & Lily add to Vanilla Sugar for the finishing touches.

Fresh Strawberry: A fresh smell of your favorite patriotic fruit brought throughout your home. 

Lilac Mist: Smell your favorite lilacs all throughout your home with this classic and favorite smell! 

Buttercream Vanilla: A more custard vanilla, rich creamy notes are sure to please!

South Sweet Tea: Your favorite summertime drink in a drizzle melt. 

Bourbon Maple Sugar: A mild bourbon note blends with a rich aroma of brown sugar and maple!

Cherry Almond: Dark, sweet cherries, roasted Italian almonds and whipped fresh buttercream are layered with hints of black plum and mandarin - warm and juicy yet smooth!

Apples and Spice: A perfect blend of cinnamon and apple, a more mild version of Our Apple Cider!

Dutch Apple Pie: The smell of freshly baked apples in fall. 

Lavender and Lemongrass: A lovely spring fragrance with a potpourri twist of lavender and citrus notes.

Honey Soaked Apple: Pure, Crisp and Refreshing. A mild honey note with a pure crisp apple body for a high throw.

Farmers Market: A cornucopia for the senses - earthy wood notes, green leaves, summer citrus and bamboo all combine together to replicate a fresh, local market with hints of wild grass as an undertone. Fresh, light and layered!

Crisp Cotton: Fresh air blended with clean linen; a year round customer favorite!

Vanilla Pound Cake: One of our year round best sellers, a pure pound cake, with rich vanilla, and a soft baked tone will have you running to the oven!

$ 7.99
Swan Creek I Drizzle Melts
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