So Awesome | Wallet Cards


These cards can be used as a learning tool in homes, schools and therapy centers. Families may use them in a less structured capacity, where individual play is allowed to dictate the cards' functions. 

– Irresistible card format (mimics material and feeling of a credit card) 
– Extremely durable
– Non-toxic, bpa & phthalate free (third party tested and approved for all ages)
– Educational, grows with your child
– Easy to attach to stroller, backpack, diaper bag

A re-closable ring is included for easy clean up and storage. The cards can be taken off the ring for play or matching activities. Perfect. Beautiful. Made in the USA.

Alphabet: This special deck is illustrated by Marc Martin of Australia, featuring 26 fascinating objects for each letter of the alphabet. The reverse side features a solo lowercase letter and the written word that corresponds to the object on the front side. Small illustrations of additional objects that begin with the same letter. Cursive lower and uppercase letters are also displayed.

Color & Shape:  This special deck features 12 beautiful watercolor and ink illustrations of colorful shapes by London-based artist Nomoco. The reserve side displays a solo colored shape, the color and shape’s name written in English, Spanish and French.

Emotion (NEW!):  This gorgeous deck features 36 illustrations and 36 photographs of children’s faces, each with a unique emotion. Photography by Rhiannon McCalmont, Illustrations by Marie Thorhauge.  The deck is intended to introduce children to the wide range of human emotions and to help strengthen social-emotional skills. 

House: Illustrated by Adrianne Adelle, this deck features 9 friendly illustrations of things found in "our home sweet home". Take a peek inside: mudroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, child’s room, parent’s room, bathroom and garage. The back side shows a selection of objects that can be found in the room. Organize the cards into a new house, search for objects, and discover the friendly surprises hiding in each room. 

Public Transit:  Stylish children’s versions of cards from the subways of New York, Paris, Tokyo and more. Your little travelers now have their own versions of the cards you use to get around your town (or while you're on vacation together!).  Each card has a scannable QR code so you and your children can go online watch videos of children and families in each city! Transit cards included: Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Fresh!


$ 10.00
So Awesome | Wallet Cards
So Awesome | Wallet Cards So Awesome | Wallet Cards So Awesome | Wallet Cards So Awesome | Wallet Cards So Awesome | Wallet Cards So Awesome | Wallet Cards
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