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On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 16th, October 17th and October 18th, ALL Jenna Kator Handbags will be 25% OFF. Then, 15% of the sales will be donated to the Mackinac Island Cancer Fund.

Nicole Doud & Jenna Kator

Nicole Doud and Jenna Kator

Today, I wanted to share how I met Jenna! Jenna and I first met when we were both starting our businesses’. I was looking for a handbag line that would fit in at Little Luxuries and Jenna was just starting her business, the Jenna Kator Collection. Our business relationship quickly grew into a friendship and I count her as one of my dear friends. A few years ago, we created the custom Island Girl Handbag, that was only sold at Little Luxuries. This bag was for the Island Girl in all of us and had the perfect attachment to your bike handles. While this bag is no longer in production, it was such a joy to create that handbag with Jenna.

While Jenna mostly names her handbags for different cities around Michigan, this fall collection honors different areas and their zip codes. We have been sharing in our Instagram stories this week some of the bags, but I wanted to take a minute here to show off a few of the handbags from this Fall Collection that we are loving.


Jenna Kator Fall CollectionJenna Kator Fall Collection

906 Crossbody: 906 is the area code for Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula! Michigan’s Upper Peninsula presents attractions unmatched anywhere else, there are no words to explain the rugged, pristine beauty of the 906 region. Being hands free to explore is no problem with this 906 Crossbody that is just as beautiful and adventurous as the region.

517 Wallet: One of the original area codes, the 517 encompasses the state capitol along with the south central portion of the lower peninsula. Small town America is well represented with everyday simple joys and pleasures making the little things feel big.

989 Bucket Bag: Central and northeastern Lower Peninsula is the home of so many bucket list adventures, beautiful scenery, majestic lakes and hidden gems. Just like the 989 region, the 989 Bucket Handbag is spacious + stylish making this a bucket list accessory.

313 Laptop Work Bag: 313 encompasses the Metro-Detroit area which set the benchmark for hard work. The 313 Laptop|Workbag was designed to carry on the legacy and reputation that the 313 has set for the entire State of Michigan. Designed to work hard for the hard worker.

231 Tote: 231 is a vacationer’s paradise and everything outdoor enthusiasts could ask for bundled with beautiful quaint towns lining northern Lake Michigan.The 231 Tote was designed to hold all of your essentials for every day and memorable getaways. 

616 Handbag: Experience the lifestyle of art, culture, beer and food in the 616; making it a place that ignites all of your senses. The 616 Handbag has a relaxed creative design just like the area it represents.

We can’t wait for the FUN Virtual Trunk Show Weekend! If you have any questions, reach out to the staff at Little Luxuries via email (littleluxuriesmanager@yahoo.com), social media or by calling 906-847-9980. The DISCOUNT code will come out in an email THURSDAY evening for use on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 16th - October 18th. If you aren’t on our email list, head to the website homepage now (https://littleluxuriesofmackinac.com) to sign up.

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Mackinac Island's Women's Wellness Weekend is this October 18th-20th, 2019! 
Last year, alone, over $14,000 was raised for the Mackinac Island Community Cancer Fund. That is amazing! Over 100 women from across the state gather on Mackinac for the weekend to enjoy some R+R, health and beauty tips, lots of shopping, good food, drinks and entertainment. Tickets are $75.00 a person and you can learn more about this year's event by clicking HERE. 
Each year a motivational key-note speaker is selected and speaks on Friday evening at Mission Point Resort with an opening reception. Saturday is a full day with more seminars on trending health topics, an island walk, yoga, and a closing appetizer and wine reception. Of course, there is time to enjoy the many shops on the island and even treat yourself to a spa treatment. 
Sounds pretty great doesn't it? Book your tickets and room at one of Mackinac's beautiful hotels! 
Women's Wellness WeekendMackinac Island Women's WeekendWomen's Weekend Mackinac IslandWomen's Weekend Dinner
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Looking for a fun girl's weekend away this fall? Book your next girlfriend's trip on Mackinac Island this October 14th-16th! The 4th annual Mackinac Island Women's Wellness and Wee Bit O' Wine Weekend event is more than just listening to health and wellness speakers, enjoying wine tasting, shopping, and so on. It's about experiencing the island with your best friends and finding your inner-self. It's about making new friendships, creating lasting memories and just having a GREAT time! 

Over 100 women from across the state of Michigan join us on beautiful Mackinac Island for this unique event.  To learn more information about this year's weekend getaway, find us on Facebook {Mackinac Island Women's Wellness & Wee Bit O' Wine Weekend} and at www.mackinacisland.org

Jenna Kator, from the Jenna Kator Collection so kindly brings a group of 50 women to the event.  You sign up separately with her group package rate.  You can find more details at www.jennakatorhandbags.com. You can see how much fun everyone had from the photos above! 

The cost is $75 a person and the entire weekend is to raise money for the Mackinac Island Community Cancer Fund.  Last year, over $10,000 was raised! 

If you cannot make the event, you are welcome to donate to the cancer fund through the Mackinac Island Community Foundation

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