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I came to Waco 4 years ago and I can’t believe how much it had changed when I went back with my mom a couple of weeks ago! It was my mom’s first time in Waco. We had fun exploring not just Magnolia, but the rest of historic Waco. Cheers to mid-winter getaways and going to places that make you feel inspired!
Here are the places we visited that I loved, plus where we stayed:
The Silos: This is probably everyone's #1 stop. The property now takes up an entire block. They have added the coffee shop, Magnolia Home, six specialized stores, a church and baseball field. It really is beautiful. Parking was not the best and it was not even that busy when we went. There was a lot of road construction so there may be future parking in the works I hope! 
Magnolia Press: This was on my list of stops I knew we had to make! Magnolia Press is on the Silos property, it is spacious and the colors inside are gorgeous. Dark green and gold...a lot like Baylor University colors! Several college students were studying inside. I loved the booths and long tables in the center of the space. Of course, I had a chai latte, it was very good!
Spice Village: If you love to shop for gifts and things for yourself this is your place! Spice Village is a collection of several stores all under one roof with just one check out! There is a whole mix of products and the clothes selection was really fun and priced well. It took us a good two hours to get through it all!
Waco Tours: I went on a Waco Tour my first time to Waco and loved it so much I had to go again with my mom! They do a wonderful job explaining the history of Waco plus showing the group some Fixxer Upper homes! You can ask them anything too! The tour is about 2.5 hours long. You do get out at three different stops on the tour and a treat is included and Dr. Pepper, as Waco is the home of Dr. Pepper. 
Homestead Village: This is one of my favorite hidden gems! On the outskirts of town is a large property called Homestead Village. They are stores, restaurants and workshops and now tiny house rentals on the property. They showcase a community of craftsmen who have talent in pottery, blacksmithing, woodworking and fiber crafts. You could spend half a day here so make sure you make time to hit this little gem!
Magnolia Table: I was so excited to try the food here because my last visit Magnolia Table was not open yet. I HAD to try the famous biscuits and they were GOOD! So filling! I ordered the Farm Eggs Benedict, delicious! If you go for breakfast, you won't need to eat lunch and if you go for lunch, skip breakfast to save room for the filling food they serve! Of course, Joanna uses her favorite black and white and plants throughout the restaurant. It was very refreshing and family style. 
Little Shop on Bosque: My first time visiting Jo's very first store! They do not ship here, so if you have traveled from afar, don't get too excited about the bigger pieces. There was a lot of fun discounted items to choose from here. 
Heritage Creamery: This is a stop on the Waco Tours, but if you don't do a tour stop here if you need an ice cream treat! I had the coconut dairy free and it was actually VERY GOOD!  The ice cream is all made in house. 
Common Grounds: A fun college coffee shop next to Baylor University. This is where Chip and Joanna would meet in the earlier days for coffee dates!
Harp Design Co.: I'm sure you have heard of Clint. Well, this is Clint's shop. Super cute and lots of his handmade items plus more home goods. A modern flare to it, cute and quaint. This is also another stop on the tour. 
Waco Suspension Bridge and Riverwalk: There's more to Waco then the Silos and shopping. Head to the river walk and walk across the suspension bridge. Cameron Park is also beautiful! 
Places to Eat: Honestly, my mom and I did not eat at any spectacular restaurants for dinner.  Our lunch from Magnolia Table was so filling, we grabbed Mediterranean food later that evening and our second night we went to a taco place that was good, but nothing to write back home about. 
The line to get a Magnolia cupcake was 30 minutes long on our last day so we passed on the extra calories ha! I suggest getting a cupcake first thing when they open or right before they close. 
Mostly everything is open until 5pm or 6pm in Waco. 
Chip and Joanna are working on renovating a hotel downtown. This means I have to go back again! Ha! Next time, I am snagging Andrew to come with me! 
We did fly into Austin, TX and it was an hour and a half drive to Waco. My first visit I flew into Dallas. Both were easy drives. 
We stayed in an Airbnb through Waco Vacation Rentals and the house we found was Chip and Jo's first house together! It's called the Giraffe House. Quiet neighborhood, great backyard, loved the front porch swing and loved the renovations they did to the house. It's a great family house or girlfriend house. I slept in the bedroom upstairs which had an amazing bathroom and a cute attic space. 
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A summer day at the lake is the perfect way to spend a day off of work! Every summer, we take Sunday’s as our family day. This summer, we’ve been stealing away to my parent’s cottage on a small lake in Michigan for the perfect summer time with the boys, my parents and my brothers!
When we were there a few weeks ago, I realized that somehow I forgot my bathing suit! (Mom Brain!) My mom actually had a spare bathing suit she convinced me to try - it fit perfectly! The fun part is, it was her suit from the 1970s, but it was still in great condition and the style was so classic no one would ever know it was some 50 years old! Now, it’s my go-to summer suit when we are swimming at the cottage! So fun to see what has gone out of style come right back in!
Nicole Doud
While we were at the cottage this past weekend, my mom made one of everyone’s favorite recipes: Blueberry Muffins! We grew up with these muffins and now the boys love to eat them! My mouth is watering just thinking about them filled with fresh Michigan blueberries!
1/2 rolled oats
1/2 cup orange juice (or water)
1 1/2 cups all purpose or unbleached flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup cooking oil
1 egg, slightly beaten
1 cup fresh blueberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Preheat oven to 400 F.
Prepare muffin tin with either grease or baking cup liners.
In a large bowl, combine rolled oats and orange juice; stir well.
Add flour, 1/2 cup sugar, baking powder, salt, baking soda, coining oil and egg.
Mix together.
Stir in blueberries
Spoon into muffin tin, filling 2/3 full.
Blend 2 tablespoons sugar and cinnamon, sprinkle over the batter.
Bake for 18 - 22 minutes, until golden brown.
Makes 12 muffins.
MMM! I can’t wait for you to try this recipe and to hear if you liked it or not! Also, tell me, do you and your mom share any pieces of clothing that have gone in and out of style?


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Above Mackinac CondosAbove Mackinac Condos

Above Mackinac Condos is excited to be your newest Mackinac Island lodging destination! Bob Benser and Andrew Doud have created three luxury condos above Good Day Cafe and Doud’s Market that are available to rent May - October. 

Above Mackinac Condos

Five years ago in 2015, Bob Benser purchased Alford’s Drug Store. He sold half of the building to Andrew Doud for the expansion of Doud’s Market. On the left of Doud’s Market, Bob Benser created Good Day Cafe, which serves ice cream, sandwiches, coffee, bakery treats, crepes, sandwiches and more. 

Above Mackinac Condos

Most of the store fronts on Mackinac Island have second stories which are used to house their employees. Instead of using the upstairs of the Doud’s expansion / Good Day Cafe as more housing, Bob Benser along with Andrew Doud worked to create luxury condos to be rented out. The condos are gorgeous, with every comfort. 

Above Mackinac Condos

There are (2) two bedroom condos and (1) four bedroom condo. The four bedroom condo occupies the third floor - it has a large balcony that overlooks the bustle of Main Street. 

Above Mackinac Condos

The condos are very affordable: 

Two bedroom condos - 

$300 a night in May & October

$400 a night in June & September

$450 a night in July & August 

Four bedroom Condo - 

$600 a night in May & October

$700 a night June through September

Above Mackinac Condos

The condos are available for extended stays only. 

As mentioned above, the condos have been afforded every comfort:

  • Pull Out Sleeper Chair 
  • Walk-in Showers 
  • Completely Stocked Modern Kitchen 
  • Washer And Dryer 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Flat Screen TV's 
  • Internet 
  • Non-Smoking Only 

Above Mackinac Condos

To book your stay call 906.847.3614 or email abovemackinaccondos@gmail.com. When you book at Above Mackinac Condos, mention that you saw this blog post on Little Luxuries’ blog! You will enjoy your stay in the Above Mackinac Condos and you will continue to make it your lodging destination for Mackinac Island for ages to come! 

Above Mackinac Condos

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Now that the holiday weekend has slowed down here on the island, I wanted to share a recap of our Little Luxuries Fourth of July celebration! We had a blast on Wednesday and could not have asked for more beautiful weather throughout the whole day-it was a hot one, but the clear sky made for a perfect fireworks show in the evening! 


Throughout all three stores {Little Luxuries, The Artists Markets, and Canvas and Paddle} fresh lemonade and yummy candies were offered for the customers' sweet tooth from open until close. Oldies music was playing as we celebrated the only way we know how to...vintage style! 



The boys, Andrew and I, celebrated together for most of the day with family and friends outside and had so much fun! Louis and Tommy fell asleep before the fireworks began, but within a couple years, I'm sure they will be able to stay up with the grown-ups to enjoy them as much as we do. 


M-185, the paved interstate road around the island, was packed with tourists and locals during the fireworks show, especially on Windermere Point and areas near the public library and Mackinac Island Public School. The bright lights and different shapes over the water made for some loud cheers from the spectators! It was the perfect way to end such a special day for our country. We love the USA! 


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as well! 





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Last week we hopped in the car and drove to Nashville for a mini family trip before our busy season begins. My best friend and her sweet family live in East Nashville. I had to make a second visit to one of my favorite shops, White's Mercantile owned by an inspirational woman, Holly Audrey Williams. 
Louie, my 4 year-old son, wanted to join me inside White's Mercantile. He even took the photo of me above! He did a pretty good job!
The baby section - had just enough to find a sweet baby gift. 
I loved the tall book shelf style displays and the long old farmhouse tables. It's a one-stop shop. 
In August 2017, Audrey opened another location of White's Mercantile in Leiper's Fork TN. This tiny little shop is only 150 square feet in an old smokehouse. It was really neat to step inside this historic building and tour the village town of Leiper's Fork. 
I love how 'local' Nashville is and has become. I can't wait til my next visit. 
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