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Meet the 2022 Little Luxuries' Team! 💕  We are so excited to have so many amazing girls on staff this summer. We know you are going to love them all when you walk into the store! They are ready to help you with whatever you're looking for! 

We asked each of the girls a few questions for you to get to know them! We asked them: 

  • Where are you from? 
  • Why did you want to work on Mackinac?
  • What's your favorite product at the shop?
  • What's your favorite thing to do on the island?
  • What's your bucket list item for Mackinac this season? 

Meet Saylor:

  • Saylor is from Boyne City, Michigan
  • She wanted to work on Mackinac not only for the relationships that she would build with everyone but for the experience of getting to work somewhere most people can’t say they did. The island is a different lifestyle and the adventures are never ending. 
  • Saylor's favorite product line is Archipelago - Shop Here!
  • Her favorite thing to do is anything outdoors, especially hiking all the many different trails here on the island! 
  • At the top of her Mackinac bucket list is to be able to run up and down Cadotte Avenue without stopping, by the end of the summer. Maybe parasailing too! 

Meet Em: 

  • Em is from Alma, Michigan, but has been living in Mackinaw City for two years! 
  • Her favorite product line in the shop is the Jenna Kator Handbags! Jenna Kator is from Michigan and her bags are such high quality! Em loves them so much that she buys a new one each year. If you need a good recommendation for a Jenna Kator Handbag, make sure to ask for Em!
  • Some of her favorite things to do on the island include watching the sunset at Sunset Rock, exploring the Secret Garden, and stargazing at Fort Holmes!
  • In the past, she checked the kayak tour off her bucket list, but this year, she wants to do a sunrise kayak tour! 

Meet Bella:

  • Bella is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • This is Bella's second year working on Mackinac Island. She wanted to work again on the island this year because she enjoyed the time she spent here last year and the loved friendships that she made!
  • Her favorite product this year are the Little Words Project bracelets! She loves looking down at my wrist and having a reminder of an important word. 
  • Bella's favorite thing to do on the island is to get breakfast and hang out at the marina and watch all the people walk by having a great time on the island.
  • A bucket list item for her this year is having afternoon tea at the Grand  Hotel and go swimming in the lake when it gets warm enough! 

Meet Emilie: 

  • Emilie is from Windsor, Ontario. 
  • Mackinac is one of Emilie's favorite places she's ever been on vacation and she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work here! 
  • Her favorite product is definitely the watermelon soap, it’s smells like candy - shop the soap here!
  • Everytime Emilie has a day off I spend it biking all around the island and taking in the breathtaking views.
  • A bucket list item for her this year is to discover the hidden hiking trails around the island.

Meet Kati: 

  • Kati is from Alma, Michigan.
  • She is excited to be back for a second season and loves all of Northern Michigan!
  • Her favorite product in the store is Ned's Honey Mustard Pretzels. Shop them here!
  • Kati loves hiking and exploring trails on Mackinac or heading to the tennis courts!
  • A bucket list item for Kati this year is to go parasailing!

Meet Mullaney: 

  • Mullaney is from Waynesboro, Virginia! 
  • Mullaney really wanted to work on Mackinac to experience working in a high traffic tourist destination, as that would be different than anything she has ever experienced! 
  • Her favorite product in the shop are the Mackinac Mittens! She loves the story behind them, the fact that they’re all unique, and thinks they are so beautiful.
  • Mullaney had never been to Mackinac before moving here for the summer! Her favorite thing to do right now is explore everything and really take in all there is to do here.
  • On her bucket list is to hike all of Mackinac Island's trails! 

Meet Dottie:

  • Dottie splits her time between Midland, Michigan and Mackinac Island! 
  • She has loved Little Luxuries since the shop first opened and her dream was to one day work for Nicole! 
  • Dottie has so many favorites at the shop - so difficult to choose just one! She very much like the Placed by Grace Designs earrings made by our Em! The foods, decorations, baby section…I could go on and on!
  • Her favorite thing to do on the island is to walk and ride her bike! he beautiful flowers, trees AND the amazing island royalty the horses!
  • On her bucket list this summer is to never stop exploring! 

Meet Ashley:

  • Ashley is from Byron, Michigan.
  • She's been visiting Mackinaw City every year while growing up and has always wanted to work on Mackinac!
  • She loves the tote bags in the shop - especially the Make Today Beautiful tote bag, found here!
  • She loves riding her bike all around the island! 
  • While on Mackinac this summer, she wants to get the full island experience! 

Next time you're in the shop, be sure to ask the girls about their favorite products or for any island recommendations! They are excited to help you in the shop this summer! 

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You know that I love to celebrate every single holiday, no matter how big or small!


I love Easter, it always falls in spring when I’m ready for more color, fresh flowers, and just a fresh start to the season! This year, Easter feels later than usual, so I have enjoyed being able to take my time decorating - adding spring touches to the Easter decor!


You can read my Spring Finds Blog HERE where I highlight some new accessories, plus a few home items I’ve decorated with and loved this spring! 🌸


I’ve been busy putting together little Easter baskets for the boys. Here are a few things I’ve found from the shop that I know the boys will love + a few goodies from Amazon!


What Does Bunny Like? This book is so cute because it’s tactile for your kids to enjoy! I know that it’s a little young for John, but he will still love it!

My Easter Basket Book Such a cute addition to any spring gift! It has hide + collect eggs throughout the book. So fun and interactive!


Bunny Pillow I love these bunny pillows because the proceeds go to lilac artisans through the Imani Collective. It’s an amazing company that we are carrying for the second year now - check out their story here: https://imanicollective.com/pages/artisans

Ouch Pouch: These are so cute to add to any gift! It’s a gel ice pack that is perfect for every “ouchy”!

Don’t Push The Button! I have been finding little surprises to stick in the boys' Easter baskets and this book is a perfect addition to their basket!

Easter Bear Gummies 
Of course, I had to include these delicious gummies from Hammonds! They are SO tasty - kids and adults alike will love them!

Rainbow Scratch Paper The boys love these little scratch notebooks! They provide endless hours of fun entertainment as they make difference pictures and drawings.


I hope that you’re able to celebrate this Easter season in a way that is fun and relaxing for you and your family.

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Another year of visiting the AmericasMarket in Atlanta has come and gone! 
To all of you that filled out the survey that we sent before we visited the show, thank you! That gave us so many ideas of what you love to shop for when visiting Little Luxuries!
This year, we have beautiful new home goods, baby clothes, accessories, spa products and more arriving in the shop!
When at the market, we work hard to meet with current vendors, but also find new vendors to bring into the shop! 
One of my favorite places to visit while there is the Made in America section, where all the smaller, artisan lines are. We visited with Nola Watkins, a Christmas ornament  vendor that we have had for years at Artists Market. She will be bringing fun, new ornament designs to Little Luxuries this year! We also found beautiful new candles and fun new rubber toy soaps for the kids! 
We can’t wait to show you what will start arriving this spring! Be sure to follow along on our Instagram to see what’s arriving. Also, if you haven’t signed up for our weekly email, let’s be email friends! We promise not to spam you - we just love to let you know what’s new, what’s on sale and what events will be on Mackinac during the summer!
We can’t wait for another amazing year at Little Luxuries! 
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2021 was truly amazing! This year was filled with so many beautiful memories and moments - I wrote a blog recapping our year here
Here is what you loved this year - the Top 10 Customer Favorites for 2021, followed by my Top 10 Favorites from the shop this year! 
If you missed out on shopping any of the favorites highlighted below, simply click on the image and it will take you over to the shop to learn more about that product and then purchase it for yourself! 

Top 10 Customer Favorites for 2021:

  • Green Daffodil Island Girl Soap 
  • Mackinac Bath and Body Goat Milk Soap
  • Polka Dot Mitten Stickers
  • Elyse Breanne Stickers
  • Mackinac Bath + Body Lotion
  • MichiGummies
  • Hanover’s Chocolates
  • Choices Bath + Body Steamers
  • Log Cabin Creation Ornaments
  • Island Girl Candle


Nicole's Top 10 Favorites for 2021: 

  • Do More of What Makes You Happy T-Shirt + Crewneck
  • Mackinac Island Beanie
  • Mackinac Is My Happy Place Mug + Sticker
  • Mackinac Island Embroidered Pillow
  • Mackinac Island Bicycle Sweatshirt Blanket
  • Ginger Turmeric Granola by Bear Creek Farm
  • Jenna Kator Peninsulas Wallet
  • Coconut Lime Body Lotion 
  • Wavertree + London Soaps
  • Island Girl Reusable Tote Bag
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We hope you love Nicoles' Gift Guide for 2021!
Shop the Gift Guide Here: 
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