I'm Nicole. I am a wife, mother, shop owner on Mackinac Island, and lover of handmade. The little things and little moments inspire me. Follow me on my blog as I write about shop news, my travels, island life and motherhood.

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Another season is wrapping up! I cannot believe that we have just two weekends left until we close our doors for the 2021 season. 
 I had an incredible staff this summer. I was able to have two interns from CMU, plus my manager is a recent graduate from CMU. These girls all came from their Fashion + Merchandising program - they were so talented, sharing fresh and inspiring ideas. If you came to the island this summer, you would have noticed their beautiful window displays! 
My other employees were also all very talented and all had amazing, go-getter attitudes! I was so appreciative of how hard they all worked - and how they all worked so well together.  Living together and working together can get challenging, but these girls became the best of friends, always showing up to work with a smile and a fresh perspective! 
We recently had the Jenna Kator Retreat on the island - three of my employees who attend college came up just to work the weekend. It was fun to have them back in the shop and to all be together again!
Having summer employees is always hard, because you only have them for such a short amount of time before they have to leave to head back to college again. I’m always sad to see them go, but I always enjoying seeing the growth in them over the summer.
With the season quickly closing, I just wanted to reflect on the amazing season with our 2021 employees. I’m thankful for them and their hard work this year!
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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to the summer season on Mackinac! We are so excited for a fun weekend on Mackinac Island! We know it will be busy and we can’t wait to see you! 

This past week on Instagram, I asked “Are you planning a trip to Mackinac this season? Any tips you would like to know?” 

Here are some of the fun questions that I answered!

Best place for breakfast? Chuckwagon has a really good breakfast! I really like Watercolor Cafe for a light breakfast with an amazing view!

What is your favorite thing to do that is not “touristy”? Kayaking, Walks, Hiking and Bike Rides are my favorite!

We’ve come to the island every July for almost 30 years! What is new or unique this year? There is a new tasting room opening up across the street from Little Luxuries. Sip n’ Sail Sunset Cruises are newer and fun! Watercolor cafe has art classes!

Secret Garden

How to get to the secret garden? I know it’s a secret! Here are the details: before you get to the Grand Hotel, turn to the left by the tennis courts and follow the trail about 100 yards. There’s a small trail on the right with tons of ferns and keep walking. It is inside that area!

What are the best kid-friendly restaurants? We enjoy Mary’s Bistro and the Ice House (behind the Island House Hotel). The Gate House at the Grand Hotel is spacious and has good kid’s meals, too!

We are coming for our honeymoon! What are some good hidden treasures? There are so many hidden treasures here! Sunset Rock, Leslie Avenue, The Cupola Bar inside the Grand Hotel, Stairs to West Bluff, Anne’s Tablet. These are my favorite!

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