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little luxuries

Little Luxuries will be opening on Friday, April 26th for its 11th year! 
So many new and exciting products are arriving daily at the shop! Did you know, in order to get all of the items to our front door, boxes have to either arrive by airplane or ferry boat? After the mail arrives on the island, it is placed on a drey, which is basically a horse drawn wagon. The wagon then brings all of the boxes with our beautiful goodies to our front door! All of the mail from the USPS is delivered to the Post Office on Mackinac Island. Little Luxuries staff goes to the post office daily! If a large shipment comes in, a garden cart is used to pick up the boxes and brought back to the shop. 
The team has been working for a couple of weeks now to get everything perfectly in place for our opening day. Our new products will be available in the shop on our opening day, April 26th and then will be listed on our website shortly after. If you happen to see a product on our social media that you are interested in purchasing and cannot find it listed online, please call 906.847.9980 between 9 AM - 5 PM. 
We can’t wait to see you!
If you’re planning on coming to our Opening Day Celebration, RSVP here! 
Little LuxuriesLittle LuxuriesLittle Luxuries
Little LuxuriesLittle LuxuriesLittle Luxuries
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This week’s Monday Maker is about Mud & Maker, “Unconvential Pottery for Unconventional People.” 
Mud & Maker
Mud & Maker is run by Stephanie and Ryan, from Pennsylvania. Stephanie started working with clay products almost 15 years ago and never looked back! Stephanie and Ryan use nature, their surroundings and people that they have met as inspiration for the products that they create. 
Mud & Maker
Mud & Maker is truly unconventional. They work to blend multiple techniques and mediums into original pieces that you can’t find anywhere. Along the way, they also add their own sassy twist! The collection of products that they sell includes glasses, bowls, mugs, signs, hooks, garden signs, planters and more! 
Mud & Maker
We hope that you will pop into the Artists Market of Mackinac Island this summer to see the collection of Mud & Maker products that we carry!
Photo Courtesy: Mud & Maker
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Oops! Our Monday Maker is one day late because we have been so busy in shops, getting ready for the big opening! 
Little Luxuries
Today, we are featuring The Little Craft Closet, based in Cadillac, Michigan. The Little Craft Closet focuses on using wood, metal and other repurposed materials to  create jewelry and accessories with a vintage feel and with a strong Northern Michigan aesthetic. Nickie, owner and creator, focuses on each piece empowering you to “Embrace Life: Embrace You.” 
The Little Craft Closet
In the pieces that Nickie creates, you can see a strong resemblance and lifestyle appeal to Northern Michigan. Each piece is made with the adventurer in mind. The accessories are made to be simplistic enough to wear while being active, yet dainty enough to wear to a formal event. Each piece is so creatively designed, that it’s hard to have just one favorite. 
The Little Craft Closet
We hope that the next time you are on Mackinac Island, that you stop in to see us at The Artists Market. Look at our selection of pieces from The Little Craft Closet. Select a few pieces to take home with you to remind yourself of your favorite trip to Mackinac Island and the time you spent Embracing Life and Embracing You.
Photo Courtesy: The Little Craft Closet
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Little Luxuries
We are excited to welcome new products to Little Luxuries for the 2019 season! This week, we are letting you in on a few new product lines that will be in the store this season. 
Beekman 1802
Beekman 1802 is located in Sharon Springs, NY. This lifestyle brand has become nationally known and grew faster than Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his parter Brent Ridge could have ever imagined. They learned to run their farm, making artisan goods and now are known all over the world. We will be carrying a variety of their beauty and body products this summer. If you have never tried the products before, we highly recommend you do. The large soap bars are wonderful! 
Pieces of Me
Pieces of Me is a jewelry lifestyle brand “Celebrating Strong, Beautiful Women, One Piece of Jewelry at a Time.” Pieces of Me was founded to help women find their feeling of value and true freedom. We know that you will love the jewelry we are carrying from their line AND it's a Michigan maker! 
Bee's Wrap
Bee’s Wrap was started as a more sustainable way for food storage in 2012. Created from organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, Bee’s Wrap has created a sustainable and reusable plastic wrap. 
Dave's Sweet Tooth
Dave’s Sweet Tooth is an old fashioned (no machines, microwaves or assembly lines!) company creating an incredible toffee experience. We will be carrying their tasty sweet treats for you to tote around on the island when you are in need of an afternoon snack. They melt in your mouth and are SO good! 
June & December
June & December is a Michigan based company creating goods for home and life. They want all of their products to invoke memories and stories of day to day life, that can create meaningful conversations. Their products that we carry will remind you of special memories and hopefully help you create a few new memories, as well.  We have carried the line for a few years now and each year they come out with new items and beautiful new designs. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 
Boogie Toes
Boogie Toes will be a new parents favorite purchase! Created with anti-slip bottoms and filled with cute rattles on the toes, these socks will keep baby occupied and also safe when walking! 
Our Opening Celebration is Friday, April 26th from 10 AM - 6 PM. We hope to see you there for the festivities and to check out our new products! 
Nicole Doud
All Photos are Courtesy of their brands' websites
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Take the Monday Blues away by supporting a Michigan artisan, Ovella Wool, who we are featuring in today’s Monday Maker!
Ovella Wool
Ovella Wool all began in 2014 on a whim. Owner and creative, Justen was in the process of learning more about sustainable products for her family (mainly regarding cloth diapers) when her research led her into getting rid of fabric softener. Because she was no longer using fabric softener, she needed to find an alternative and taught herself how to make wool dryer balls. Through trial and error, she learned what worked and what did not work. Eventually, she perfected her technique and was gifting them to friends, as she encouraged her circle of influence to make this sustainable shift from fabric softener / dryer sheets to wool dryer balls. She happened to give them to a friend that worked at a wellness store and next thing she knew, she had her first retail store carrying her dryer balls! 
Ovella Wool
Since 2014, Ovella has expanded their line to include Verde from Ovella Wool products. These products are natural laundry detergent, home cleaners and soap. 
Did you know that Ovella is Gaelic for sheep? It was the perfect name for her business. As the years have progressed, Ovella Wool now purchases their wool from a local wool processor, and Justen dyes all of the wool herself.  Fun fact: her favorite colors are the colors in The Terra Collection! As Justen says: “Wool is such a great material, from being non-combustable to mildew resistant to completely reusable and renewable, it has so many functions that we can use it for. Wool dryer balls are just one of those.” 
Ovella Wool
Next time you are on Mackinac Island, stop into The Artists Market to see what we have in stock from Ovella Wool and give it a try! Your laundry will never be the same after. 
Photos Courtesy of Ovella Wool
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