I'm Nicole. I am a wife, mother, shop owner on Mackinac Island, and lover of handmade. The little things and little moments inspire me. Follow me on my blog as I write about shop news, my travels, island life and motherhood.

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It feels SO good to be open again! Each season it feels like reopening a brand new store again. I think that’s a good thing, I hope! I cannot believe this is my 14th season with Little Luxuries.
I learn new things each season and change things up as trends change and as I grow too. We have over 50 Michigan vendors in the store and a handful of Mackinac Island artists and makers. It feels so special to have one store filled with so many good things - talent, happiness, uniqueness, and Mackinac love. I hope you can make it in this season.
My staff is eager to meet you and help you find the perfect gift or little luxury. If you can’t make the trip to Mackinac, shop online with us and we will ship our goodies right to your home and make you feel like you’re on Mackinac.
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We love celebrating Mother's Day! It's a special time of the year where we can celebrate the special women that raised us and have made us who we are today! 
There is always someone special to celebrate in your life - whether your Mom, your Grandma, a sister, friend or close friend. Take time to remember those who have shaped you and loved you into the person you are today!
We have picked out some of our favorite products that we know she'll love! 
Archipelago is always a favorite! It's extremely soft and soothing, without any of the extra oils. 
This Island Girl Lilac Candle is one of our favorites! It's 100% soy wax and made in Michigan! When you smell this candle, you'll feel like you are walking through Marquette Park during June on Mackinac. 
I ❤️ That You're My Mom Sign is so sweet for Mom! It will bring a smile to her face every time she walks by! 
Grandma, An Amazing Mother With Lots of Practice Don't forget to include Grandma in your Mother's Day gifting! Our Grandmas have done an amazing job in contributing to who we are today! Never forget to celebrate Grandma too! 
Grandma will love this Grandma Snuggles Blanket to snuggle her special grand babies! 
Hello Mello Lounge Pants: Every Mom loves her comfy clothes, especially comfortable pajama pants!  Unwind in the colorful designs and captivating style of these lounge pants!
Gift Mom a way to keep track of all her cards! This card organizer can hold up to 165 cards and comes with 6 stylish dividers to keep every occasion separate and organized! 
Commemorate Mom’s special day with this adorable I'd Be Lost Without You Necklace! We love this 14k gold dipped necklace and we know Mom will love it too! 
This is an amazing gift - that will keep on giving! Give the gift of a recipe tin to your special Mom - it will benefit you with so many tasty meals and desserts coming out of her kitchen!
When gifting a special present, don't forget to include a card! Write the note at checkout and we'll get it added to her special present.
As always, thank you for supporting Little Luxuries! 💕  Your order makes all the difference - it brings a smile to our face and we know it will bring a special smile to her face too! 
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Visiting Mackinac Island for the first time can have many unknowns. Which ferry do we take? Do we bring our own bikes or rent them? Do we stay on the island or just for the day? Do we pack a lunch or eat out? 
Since living on Mackinac since my first summer in 2006 and now living here with kids I have learned a lot over the years. If you are making the trip to Mackinac Island with kids this summer below are a few of my suggestions that I have found work best for our family. 
1. Dress in layers. You never know what the weather will be like once you are on the island. It could be sunny and warm in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace and by the time you get to the island it is chilly and cloudy. It's not fun with kids not having enough warm clothes with you! 
2. If you plan to ride bikes throughout the island and most of your time while on Mackinac, I recommend bringing your own bikes. If you want to ride a bike only for a few hours I recommend renting them. All the bike rentals on the island are great! 
3. Do we eat out or pack a picnic? This is totally up to you and your family. Personally, I would grab to-go items at Doud's Market and eat in Marquette Park or ride bikes and pick a picnic table along the way. If you are not wanting the restaurant atmosphere The Doghouse is also a good option for families across from The Windermere Hotel. There is a large grassy area with picnic tables right on the water. The kids love throwing rocks in the water or flying kites. If you do want to eat in a restaurant Pink Pony is the iconic restaurant on the water side and Mary's Bistro is great with a family as it is spacious, options to eat outside or inside and great food! 
4. When visiting, make sure you get off of Main Street and see what beautiful Mackinac Island has to offer. There is so much more than just Main Street! 
5. If you want the full Mackinac experience staying overnight is highly recommended. Once the last ferry leaves it is peaceful and quiet along Main Street. When you visit just for the day it is difficult to fit it all in. Staying overnight allows you to relax more and fit it all in. If staying overnight just isn't an option, I do recommend staying til the last ferry leaves and there are many campsite options on the mainland close by as well. 
I hope these 5 tips help plan your next visit to Mackinac Island! Stop in and say hello! 
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I have been wanting to redo our laundry room for a couple of years now. This winter was finally the time to do it. We bought our house in Petoskey in 2016.
Each room has needed updating to fit our style and the appliances were all outdated. I love navy and white and black. I decided with navy cabinets, black hardware, a basic utility sink which will be wrapped in wood for a more finished look. White marbled hexagon tile I chose for the flooring with a dark gray grout. For a counter I went with a birch butcher block from Lowes. Super easy to install and looks so nice!
I love the wallpaper I went with. It's refreshing and the colors are calming. It's not finished completely yet, I will share photos when it is completed!
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There’s SO many ways to make someone feel special. If you’re like me, Valentines Day is one of the best days because I LOVE to make others feel loved. ❤️

Here's our list of 10 little ways to make Valentine's Day Special:

Make Heart Waffles for Breakfast: This waffle maker just makes breakfast way more fun! It's still quick + easy, but just so special! 💕 


Candy from Little Luxuries: We have some delicious and special sweet treats in the shop that make the perfect Valentine's Day present for the kids or whoever you love! 

Cards from Little Luxuries: Give the one you love a fun scratch off card! Plus, this weekend, all cards are just $2! (Valid until 2.6). 

Salt Dough Hearts: I love doing fun art projects with the boys! These Salt Dough Hearts for Valentine's Day are so cute and make a fun gift for grandparents! Picture from The Best Ideas for Kids

XO Garland: Add a fun decoration to your living room or kitchen! 


Love Box from Little Luxuries: Mail this Little Luxuries' Love Box to the ones you love this Valentine's Day! ❤️ This box comes filled with:

❤️ Inklings Scratch Off Card that says " I love you more than..." 

❤️ Mackinac Bath & Body Cherry Almond Soap

❤️ Love from Mackinac Valentine's Day Scented Candle (Strawberries + cupcakes)

❤️ Hammond's Hot Cocoa

❤️ Red Cabin Studio Heart Mug 

Valentine's Day Napkins: How cute are these little napkins? I've added them to my cart for fun around Valentine's Day! 

Add a note to your kids' lunch boxes: Your kids will love these fun scratch off Valentine's! Add them to their lunch for the week of Valentine's Day for a special surprise! 


Random Acts of Kindness: Read our Random Acts of Kindness Blog to do something kind for someone else when they are least expecting it! 

Doing Something Kind for Your Husband: Pack their lunch or put a note in their briefcase for a little something special! 

We hope you can bring love and happiness to everyone you come in contact with this time of year! We love making the little moments special! 


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