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little luxuries

Little Luxuries will be opening on Friday, April 26th for its 11th year! 
So many new and exciting products are arriving daily at the shop! Did you know, in order to get all of the items to our front door, boxes have to either arrive by airplane or ferry boat? After the mail arrives on the island, it is placed on a drey, which is basically a horse drawn wagon. The wagon then brings all of the boxes with our beautiful goodies to our front door! All of the mail from the USPS is delivered to the Post Office on Mackinac Island. Little Luxuries staff goes to the post office daily! If a large shipment comes in, a garden cart is used to pick up the boxes and brought back to the shop. 
The team has been working for a couple of weeks now to get everything perfectly in place for our opening day. Our new products will be available in the shop on our opening day, April 26th and then will be listed on our website shortly after. If you happen to see a product on our social media that you are interested in purchasing and cannot find it listed online, please call 906.847.9980 between 9 AM - 5 PM. 
We can’t wait to see you!
If you’re planning on coming to our Opening Day Celebration, RSVP here! 
Little LuxuriesLittle LuxuriesLittle Luxuries
Little LuxuriesLittle LuxuriesLittle Luxuries
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Easter Weekend is almost here, which means fun treats, egg hunts, pastel colors galore, egg dyeing and more exciting memories to be made! As the boys get older, it’s fun to see them remember the traditions that we celebrate each year and look forward to doing those same fun things again! Here are a few cute pictures of the boys enjoying our Easter traditions last year:
Doud BoysDoud Boys
Doud Boys
Last year, I made this sweet and savory Bunny Munch that everyone, kids included, loved! I plan to make it again this Easter for all to enjoy.
Moritz Fine Designs
-4 cups chex cereal (your preference on wheat, corn or rice)
-2 cups stick pretzels
-2 cups cheerios
-1 cup candy coated Easter eggs (Hershey’s, Cadbury, M&M’s, or whatever you prefer!)
-1 12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips
-Mix all ingredients (minus the white chocolate chips)
-Microwave and melt the white chocolate chips for 90 seconds, pausing to stir as needed, until it is completely melted.
-Pour the chocolate over the mix and stir in thoroughly.
-Place the mixture on wax paper and put in the fridge until it is hard and ready to enjoy!
Recipe and Photo Credit from Moritz Fine Designs
Another tradition that the boys are starting to love is dyeing eggs! Instead of purchasing Easter Egg dye, we have tried making it! An article from Country Living had a recipe where you use different kinds of fruits and veggies to make the coloring, which is fun for the boys to see how that works!
Country Living
The recipe is simple:
-1 Quart of Water
-1 Tablespoon of Salt
-2 Tablespoons of Vinegar
-2 Tablespoons of the fruit, vegetable or spice for coloring
-Mix all those ingredients together and boil.
-Simmer for 30 minutes, strain the dye, let it cool and then dip your eggs!
Recipe and Photo Credit from Country Living
I hope that you enjoy Easter Sunday surrounded by your loved ones, with sweet treats and colorful eggs!
Little Luxuries
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Oops! Our Monday Maker is one day late because we have been so busy in shops, getting ready for the big opening! 
Little Luxuries
Today, we are featuring The Little Craft Closet, based in Cadillac, Michigan. The Little Craft Closet focuses on using wood, metal and other repurposed materials to  create jewelry and accessories with a vintage feel and with a strong Northern Michigan aesthetic. Nickie, owner and creator, focuses on each piece empowering you to “Embrace Life: Embrace You.” 
The Little Craft Closet
In the pieces that Nickie creates, you can see a strong resemblance and lifestyle appeal to Northern Michigan. Each piece is made with the adventurer in mind. The accessories are made to be simplistic enough to wear while being active, yet dainty enough to wear to a formal event. Each piece is so creatively designed, that it’s hard to have just one favorite. 
The Little Craft Closet
We hope that the next time you are on Mackinac Island, that you stop in to see us at The Artists Market. Look at our selection of pieces from The Little Craft Closet. Select a few pieces to take home with you to remind yourself of your favorite trip to Mackinac Island and the time you spent Embracing Life and Embracing You.
Photo Courtesy: The Little Craft Closet
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We are so excited to have Steel Southern Designs, out of Georgia at the Artists Market of Mackinac Island and we are featuring them today on Monday Maker! Steel Southern Designs made The Artists Market of Mackinac Sign that proudly hangs in the shop!

Steel Southern Designs

Steel Southern Designs was born out of a desire for two sisters to spend more time with their growing families, rather than working outside the home. They dreamed up an idea to create custom cut pieces that would turn into beautiful focal points and talking points in homes all over. 

Steel Southern Designs

They currently have the capacity to cut designs up to 5’ X 10’! The entire business is family owned and run, and all of the designs are created using aluminum, stainless and milk steel. If you take a look at the pictures on their website, you will truly see that they can do just about anything! Their creative motto states: “If you can think it, we can cut it.” 

Steel Southern Designs

We are excited to have this new artist to the shop! When you are on Mackinac Island, be sure to pop in to see our selection of their fun designs that decorate our walls!  

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Today’s Monday Maker is about Emmy Lou Bags! Emmy Lou Bags is owned and designed by Tammy, who resides in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin, but she is originally from the great state of Michigan! 
Emmy Lou Bags
She creates unique, but functional bags with quality and purpose. Emmy Lou Bags creates and sells handmade bags, clutches and pouches. Every single bag is handmade by Tammy herself, right out of her home. You will notice that her products are made with different fabrics and leathers and all are unique and creative!
Emmy Lou BagsEmmy Lou Bags 
The Artists Market of Mackinac Island is the only retailer in the state of Michigan to carry Emmy Lou Bags. Next time you are on Mackinac Island, don’t forget to stop in and check out our selection of these products.
Photos Courtesy of Emmy Lou Bags
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